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Cortona - enjoy the italian flair

Corona is  a beautiful Etruscan hill town, with a breathtaking view of Lake Trasimeno, the Chiana Valley and its surrounding hills, full of cultural activities and the real Italian flair.

Recently it became well known through the book and film 'Under the Tuscan sun' . There even is an and annual Under the Tuscan sun festival.

It offers many  attractions, like the Etruscan Museum and sites, open air music, cinema and theatre- festivals, antique fairs and picturesque historical events. Cortona also offers very good wining and dining in numerous trattorias, enotecas and restaurants, as well as winetasting in the many wineries that produce the Cortona DOC. Throughout the summer months there are many local festivals based on gastronomical themes such as pasta, bistecca (steaks), truffles ecc. in all the surrounding villages and towns.

Find more information about restaurants, sights, events, ect. on the cortona town homepage:

Take some time and go for a stroll through the narrow alleys of Cortona:

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