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Our history

Palazzo Casale has a history that goes back a long way. Here are some of the important dates:



Palazzo Casale was changed to its present form as a Casa Padronale (land owner's house)



The house was bought by John, Jane and Martin Attwood, Christmas 1973, together with the one remaining farm house, with the idea of returning to the land and being selfsufficient.


1980 - 2005

In 1980 John and Martin started the production of ATTWOOD wood burning stoves and Jane started a riding school. Many houses in the area are still heated in the winter months with ATTWOOD stoves.


The family slowly drifted apart. John moved to Munich in 1986, Jane closed the riding school, Martin sold the farm house (his share of the property) to an Irish family in 2003. 


2005 - 2011

A couple moved into the ground floor flat to look after the house and grounds.



After the care takers moved to a larger house in the area, John and Sabine decided to move back to Cortona and look after the house themselves.


The house in its present form is largely due to John's tireless work of renovating and rebuilding, which isn't finished yet...  


Stages of renovation:


1984 - 85     2nd floor: convertion of the granary to sitting room, bathroom and two bedrooms

1987 - 88     bulldozing a manege and sinking a new well

1990 - 92     complete renovation of 1st floor and roof, building of terrace, piazza and back garden

1994            converting the ground floor stables and cantinas into a self contained flat

1996            installation of central heating and convertion of a stable into a laundry

1999            building a swimming pool

2011            surround wall and paving added to terrace on the southside of house

2013            olive grove and orchard planted            

2014            new pergola on the back side of the house

2015            self built sun lounger for siestas on hot afternoons in the shade

2022            new pool and pool area nearer to the house

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