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Your Italian holiday experience !

With our services we want to offer you the opportunity to enjoy an original Italian holiday experience. Use your free time to learn about Italian cusine, wine and culture. Study the Italian language, or just relax during some very enjoyable yoga sessions.

All our services can be booked individually. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in booking some of our special experiences.


We can also arrange an individual week's program for you if you wish. This could consist of various activities and trips that combine all your interests. For example:  "Hike & Yoga-Week",  "Food & Wine-Week" or  "Culture & Language"-Week. 

A traditional italian welcome dinner:

Enjoy a relaxed first evening in Palazzo Casale and be treated to a traditional Italian dinner prepared for you by us! We use fresh local products and Tuscan recipes, if you wish we also cook vegetarian or vegan.

Here an example of what your welcome meal could consist of, for individuall wishes please feel free to contact us:

  • antipasti: mixed crostini and bruschetta
  • primo: spaghetti al pesto (walnut and parsley pesto)
  • secondo: leg of lamb with roast potatoes
  • contorno: mixed salad from our garden
  • dolce: ricotta cream with fruit, espresso
  • local wine (San Giovese or Shiraz), water

Price per person: 30,- €, kids 15.- €

Guided tour trough a winery including wine tasting

Enjoy a special wine experience:

Visit the vineyards and learn about the importance of the "terroir" and the different kinds of planting, see the ageing cellars and the Vinsantaia, learn about wine production, taste a variety of wines and nibble on some Tuscan snacks. You can also end the visit by a delicous meal in the cantina.

  • guided winery tour (Cortona area or Montepulciano)
  • wine tasting
  • snacks (bruschetta or similar)


Price per person: 30,- € (min. 4 pers.)


Italian cooking & pasta making course

Learn how to make pasta yourself and some of the secrets of Italian cooking! Learn how to cook a tipical Italian meal under our guidance. We use mainly fresh products, biologically grown from our own garden and from the local markets. Let's have fun cooking and then eating together!

  • the most important ingredients of Italian cooking
  • the various courses: antipasti, primo, secondo, contorno, dolce
  • let's make the pasta
  • prepare a pasta sauce (sugo) or ravioli filling
  • prepare a main course (secondo con contorno)
  • coffee and dolce
  • locoal wine during cooking and eating inclusive


Price per person: 55,-€ (min. 4 pers.), guest eaters without cooking course: 25,- €

Yoga - Sessions

Enjoy a yoga class (60 min.) with an experienced local teacher.

In summer the classes take place outside, in lovely gardens or high above the valley on a hilltop, taking in the sunset. If the weather should be bad the yoga lessons are held in an anciant church in town that has been converted into a gym.

Groups of min. 4 persons can book a class at Palazzo Casale.

  • Price per person: 20,- € 
  • Price per group: 100,- € (at the villa)

Guided City and Culture Tours

Enjoy an individual tour with our friend Louise, a certified guide and art historian.

Learn more about the historical and cultural background of all these beautiful places. Discover how interesting and entertaining a tour can be. Why was this palazzo build that way, who lived in it and what became of them? What makes this painting or fresco unique? How did the Etruscans live and how come we know about that fascinating culture? What traces did the  Francesco di Assisi, Piero della Francesca, Luca Signorelli and many others leave in our region? You can choose your own center of interest among a great varieties of topics and tours.

Feel free to contact us about topics and locations of the tours.

Prices per group.

  • Price tour half day:     120,- €
  • Price tour whole day:  240,- €

Italian language course

Why not learn or improve your Italian during your stay in Palazzo Casale?

Sabine, an experienced language teacher, will explain the basics and help you to improve your comunication skills which you will be able to use straight away during your stay.

Take an hour's lesson every day at home or join a more intensive language course in a school in Cortona.

  • Price individual lesson (60 min.)  30,- €


Do you have any further questions about your Italian experience?

Feel free to contact us by phone under +39 0575 61 60 88 or via email.

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